geography of you.

Started this series because I wanted to show people that there are many things to love about their body. Our bodies do so much for us. So make sure to give it love, like it deserves. I hope that the little details you are able to see through these images make you appreciate the little details that your own body carries.

lots of yellow,

a little preview of what I've been working on.

In-Person Gallery Show


Michelle Yi

" Loving myself took years because of the fear I felt when looking at my reflection. Years of constant abuse and breakdowns, to now only realizing that there’s so much beauty in what I do not know. The small fragments that felt unloving, now allows me to explore the person I am- infinite and beautifully blossoming."

Cassidi Laramore

"I love the way my top lip is a Cupid’s bow, and that the left side of my face has always been my better side. I love my smile when I’m genuinely happy and the way my cheeks get big when I laugh. But, I have always struggled with accepting my weight. I rarely ever feel confident in the way my body looks. I have learned that the way I feel isn’t an individual experience, and my heart aches knowing that so many women feel the same way. So, I’ve made it my goal to choose to love myself exactly how I am everyday, no matter what. Because my body is my home and I deserve to love every bit of it."

Elana Ruminski

"Crazy to think, that some of the things about myself that I was most insecure about before, is what makes up who I am. Like the way my Gap Toothed Smile uniquely shows up on my Face. The way my body Curves and Continues to be sculpted. The way my Skin protects me Changing like the seasons that Color it. The way that I carry mySelf, pushing on day by day. Enduring all that I’ve Grown through these past 25 years. Finally Loving and Acknowledging all parts of myself. Finally, the start of Loving ME."

Sara Bak

"I love the colors of my face — how light and brown my eyes are… and how I never have to apply lipstick to get the perfect shade of pink. I love that my round face reaffirms the fact that I am indeed my beautiful mother’s daughter. However, I struggle with seeing my body as desirable, attractive, and worthy enough of being loved by someone. I fear that my future partner will feel disappointed that he’s stuck with me and I’m already so sorry towards him for not having a better body."

Edgar Tinoco

" I’ve recently learned to put more confidence not only within my actions but in my image as well, I'm proud of the work I've done to put myself in the spot where I love who I see in the mirror and continue to build off that confidence. Getting myself where I want to be both physically and mentally is the most rewarding challenges <3"